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Koala Invest, as a licensed and independent property investment firm, offers expert guidance on building a profitable and low-risk property portfolio. Utilizing our substantial industry experience and unique research and analysis methodology, our qualified team makes sure that you get the best bang for your buck.

Benefits of investing in property

The main benefits of investing in property include:

  • Capital growth – If your property increases in value, you will benefit from a capital gain.
  • Income – You earn rental income when the property is tenanted.
  • Tax deductions – For tax purposes, most property expenses can be offset against rental income. This include interest on any loan used to buy the property.
  • Depreciation-Just like you claim wear and tear on a car purchased for income producing purposes, you can also claim the depreciation on your investment property against your taxable income. New properties offer more depreciation benefits.
  • Physical asset – You are investing in something you can see and touch.
  • Less volatility – Property is more stable and less volatile than shares and other types of investments.


Why choose Koala Invest?

While there are many players in the market, we differentiate ourselves based on the following qualities:

  • Cater to diverse needs and our product range reflects this. We offer dual income or dual key properties (e.g. duplexes), house and land packages, Knock-Down Rebuild options, granny flats, waterfront and premium homes and, SMSF compliant investment properties. As part of our solutions, we do not sell only land. 
  • All property investment packages are fixed price, full turnkey projects. There are no hidden charges as all council approvals and every minor expense is calculated for and included in the final price. Being a turnkey offering, your property would be ready to sell or rent out once the project is complete.
  • An extended geographical presence. We offer property packages in New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland.
  • Our partners, both land developers and builders, are best in the business and recognized by independent bodies. These include top builders such as Metricon Homes, Hudson Homes, among others. This ensures a timely delivery and superb build quality.
  • Possess experience and specialization in dual occupancy/ duplex properties that offer clients’ positive cash flows, above market rental yields and high capital growth.
  • Offer SMSF (Self-managed super fund) compliant investment properties.

Detailed information on our dual occupancy property packages is given below:

Dual Occupancy Options

A dual occupancy house consists of two dwellings built on one block of land. Each dwelling has its own entrance, interiors and backyard and essentially function as separate units. A duplex is similar to dual occupancy but differentiates in one aspect: the two dwellings have separate titles and hence, each dwelling can be sold separately.

Both dual occupancy and duplex houses offer higher Return on Investments (ROI) when compared to singular House and Land packages. Additional value increases can often be expected through modern and attractive facades and larger dwelling sizes, both being important for capital growth and rental return amounts.

Koala Invest dual occupancy property package

Koala invest offer Dual Occupancy packages that offer:

  • High Capital Growth– Using our in-house research and analysis methodology, we identify the best locations that offer exceptional population growth, economic growth and investment in infrastructure and amenities that translates into high capital growth.
  • Better Depreciation Returns– Dual Occupancy and duplex properties offer a greater tax benefit through depreciation as compared to simple house and land packages.
  • Positive cash flow– All our property investment offerings offer strong positive cash flow. This allows for the expenditure of the property to be paid for with the income from rent with excess money being deposited into your account.
  • Higher Rental yield– As an investor can expect dual rental income, these properties offer higher rental yield over simple house and land packages.
  • Large dwelling sizes: We have designs available for blocks of land in sizes of 600 square meter and upwards.

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