Domain’s Rental Report: June 2018

Domain’s Rental Report: June 2018

Only one capital city’s median rental price for houses increased over the June quarter according to the latest Domain Rental Report out today.

The national median rental price for houses remained steady at $437 over the three months to June, while the median unit rental price fell by just $1 dollar to $452 over the same time period.


Here’s how the each capital cities’ rental market is performed over the June quarter:


New median house rental price: $550
Change: 0%
New median unit rental price: $550
Change: 0%

Renting a house in some of Sydney’s most expensive neighbourhoods has become cheaper over the year as they compete with newly built apartments on the rental market.  



New median house rental price: $430
Change: 0%
New median unit rental price: $410
Change: 0%

Rental prices have held steady across Melbourne as winter sets in and demand for properties slows.



price: $400
Change: 0%
New median unit rental price: $370
Change: Down 1.3%

Brisbane remains one of the cheapest capital cities in Australia to rent a house or unit, coming in more affordable even than Hobart.



price: $375
Change: 0%
New median unit rental price: $300
Change: 0%


house rental price: $350
Change: Down 1.4%
New median unit rental price: $300
Change: 0%

Perth’s rental market may start to attract more investors, experts say, as gross yields continue to grow.



house rental price: $550
Change: Up 3.8%
New median unit rental price: $450
Change: 0%



price: $410
Change: Down 2.4%
New median unit rental price: $360
Change: Up 2.9%


house rental price: $500
Change: Down 6.5%
New median unit rental price: $400
Change: Down 2.4%



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