The developers said the public space will enhance Darling Harbour’s capacity to host public events such as New Year’s Eve, Vivid and Chinese New Year and be able to accommodate up to 20,000 people for large events.

The proposed Cockle Bay Park will be part of the open space over the Western Distributor, making it the only area of green space on the Darling Harbour waterfront according to the proposal.

Owned by the NSW government, the consortium is proposing to develop the 24,900sq m site and increase the long-term lease of the site to 99-years.

In documents submitted to the government, the proposal suggests a competitive design process will “further refine” the solutions available on the site to facilitate a development that is an “appropriate scale with on balance acceptance impacts”.

“[The amended concept proposal] will help to reenergise Cockle Bay and Darling Harbour and will become a dynamic and inclusive place for city workers, the wider community and visitors to enjoy,” its documents concluded.