An idea of your home design becomes integral to the size of block you choose Photo: Jodi Jacobson

A question of space

Growing families always need a lot of room to move – an extra bedroom here, another powder room there and space to kick the footy out the back. Singles and couples tend to need less space, but still need storage indoors and room to entertain outdoors.

This is where an idea of your home design becomes integral to the size of block you choose.

“Home designs are usually determined by the lot width, which means your desired floorplan will also determine the block size,” Rhydderch says. “Don’t forget to consider the shape of your block. A rectangular lot might be the most popular option, but different shapes and even sloping sites can add a point of interest to your home.”

Check orientation

Architects and interior designers are always banging on about orientation, and with good reason. In the Southern Hemisphere, northern orientation is the most popular. Northern sun can passively heat a home and offer protection from eastern and western sun for better energy efficiency.

“This means significant savings on your energy bill, with the placement of rooms and windows further determining the likely temperatures in those parts of the house at different times of the year,” Rhydderch explains.


Ask your land developer when the land will be connected to utilities – electricity, gas, internet and phone. Determine the connection costs and allow for these in your budget.