Koala Invest strives to find the best solution for the rental market, and in doing so, we present a large percentage of our listings as Dual Occupancy or Duplex style housing. The following will give a brief overview of Dual Occupancy and Duplex housing, the advantages of Dual Income Housing Investments and the experience and services Koala Invest can provide.

Dual Occupancy is essentially how the name would suggest: two properties on the same piece of land. These properties are consolidated under the same title and are generally more profitable on a return on investment level when compared to two separate houses. The primary advantage of a Dual Occupancy Investment is as simple as thinking of it as two income sources with only one expense track, especially when compared to two incomes with two expenses when examining two separate properties. This also can be combined with the higher depreciation values that can be claimed, mainly due to the extra fittings and the essential duplication of a standard house.

Duplex’s’ are essentially the same as a Dual Occupancy Investment with the major difference being that a Duplex can have both units under separate titles. This gives a very similar situation to buying two separate properties in that should you decide to sell a unit, you can easily. Duplex’s’ still give an advantage to singular houses in that the rates and council fees are generally lower than that of two separate houses.

In conclusion, both Dual Occupancy and Duplex houses offer higher Return on Investments (ROI) when compared to singular House and Land package. This combined with additional value increases through modern and attractive facades and the experience that larger dwellings that incorporate smaller one and two bedroom units generally exhibit better rental figures. With these multiple examples on why Dual Occupancy and Duplex Investments form a solid basis for investment, it is easy to see why Koala Invest recommends and sources only the best Dual Occupancy and Duplex House and Land packages


Why are Dual Occupancy and Duplex properties so great?

  • Two Incomes from One Property
  • Reduced Vacancy Rate- If one of the units is not tenanted, the other can still provide an income (If Tenanted).
  • Duplex properties can be divided and sold at a later date.
  • Stamp duty is only paid on one piece of land, as opposed to two separate properties
  • Tax Depreciation benefits from having two sets of fixtures and fittings

Source: Koala Invest