More Aussie house hunters looking to go 'off grid' in COVID's wake

More Aussie house hunters looking to go 'off grid' in COVID's wake

More Aussie house hunters looking to go 'off grid' in COVID's wake

The coronavirus pandemic has brought about many unexpected changes to the property market, including soaring demand for regional properties and larger homes. But perhaps even more unforeseen is a strong trend towards 'off-grid' living. 

New figures have revealed a significant increase in the number of times people used the term 'off grid' in filtered property searches on in the past 12 months, on the back of rising interest in sustainable homes.

% change in key word search, 2019 to 2020

Use of the term increased by almost 80% year-on-year during the pandemic, followed by ‘mud brick’ (50%) and ‘sustainable’ (47%). Surprisingly, use of the search term ‘high energy efficiency’ dropped a huge 62%.

Where to look for an off-grid haven

For those thinking about taking up a more secluded lifestyle, it may help to know where to look.

While Tasmania would seem the go-to location for such homes, Queensland was actually the state with the most off-grid properties listed for sale in the 12 months to December 2020.

Highest number of listings for "off-grid" homes

12 months to December 2020


Despite having a population of about round 1,500 people, the regional town of Glenwood, between the Gympie and Fraser Coast regions, had more off-grid listings than anywhere else in the country. Blackbutt, in Queensland’s South Burnett Region, and Kin Kin, on the Sunshine Coast, also ranked in the top 10 suburbs with the most off-grid listings. 


This off-grid home in Kin Kin is on the market for $1,400,000. 

Tasmania had comparatively fewer off-grid listings but it didn’t disappoint, with Ranelagh, in the Huon Valley, also showing up in the list.

Popular off-grid homes

Most viewed "off grid" listings

January 2021

The most viewed off-grid home on in January 2021 was a remote property at 519 Central Road in the regional Victorian town of Turtons Creek.

While the off-grid aspect may be the main attraction of the property, the price might have been a major drawcard.


This off-grid hideaway at Turtons Creek was popular with house hunters for good reason. 

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